Safety Practices at All Jacked Up

When dealing with concrete, landscaping, excavation, foundation, etc., it can be dangerous work. At All Jacked Up, we understand the importance of safety. We are not only dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship, but also the safety or our employees and your home/property.

Hydraulic Equipment

We use high pressure equipment that can cause serious injury.

Eye Protection

Everyone in our work area is required to wear eye protection at all times.

Team Training

Our team is properly trained for their tasks. We take the time and have not had any serious incidents.

We Make Noise

Hearing protection is required at all times.

Our Work Area

Because our work area can be hazardous, we don’t allow spectators.

We Follow the Rules

We follow all safe work practices on our sites, whether on a residential or industrial project.

Slips and Trips

If you are invited in to our area, you will need to follow our job hazard analysis.

Call us to learn more about our safety practices!

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